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Final Chapter - Or - The Beginning

The Mix-It-Up Social Parade
It's Whats happening Sunday morning

Online Registration is Now Closed! 

Pavement Ride Registration is still available on the day of the event.

Mix-It-Up Social Parade

$25.00 ($15.00 children under 12)

That’s right. It’s a Parade (of sorts). Dress up your bike, yourselves or
both and join in on the fun. End your weekend with a smile or begin your week with one, it's your choice. Join us for a Mix-It-Up Social Parade. The ride will be approximately 10 miles of dirt, pavement, and gravel, or shorter pavement rides. You choose. Somewhat like a Neapolitan ice cream blend with lots of different flavors. And don't worry, we will capture you in a photo and save the proof on social media of how much fun you had on this ride. What a great opportunity to mix with other bike maniacs, enjoy a snack, and have a great time.

What’s included? Good times, fun rides, snacks, and photos.

Just Chilling Weekend Package

$25.00 ($20.00 children under 12)

Enjoy the campfire while listening to the birds.  Or, we have live music ranging from classic
rock, surf rock, alternative, and originals. Tunes are brought to you by the Hurricane Eyes, the lovely Nora Ricci, and KoKo Ray. Have a beverage or two, play games or simply hang out.

Conclusion - Our Love Note

Updates will be provided to registrants, as well as route maps, schedules, and information regarding even more weekend fun. The schedule will be full, so be prepared to have a non-stop good time.


Swamp Mountain Bike Club, Bike Florida, Adventure Florida, and the Division of Forestry wish you fond memories of this experience. This is the beginning of more to come. Hope to see you next year!

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