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Swamp Per Chance drawings

Swamp sponsors have generously donated items for our per-chance drawings to help raise funds for the club's trail maintenance and advocacy initiatives as well as support for our local NICA teams and EMS equipment. Take a chance on an excellent sponsor-supported item to help support your local mountain bike community! 

**Any upgrade request for sponsor donated items must be the same brand for which you entered the drawing and the difference will be paid by the drawing winner requesting the upgrade. Winner assumes any shipping cost incurred or responsbility for local pick-up. 


Atomik Wheels

Presents an opportunity for one lucky winner.
Atomik Carbon is donating a pair of Carbon Wheels built with Berd Spokes and I9 or Profile
Racing hubs. Wheels can be gravel, MTB or road. Offer based on what is currently in inventory.
MSRP $2500.00

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but we would appreciate your donation. Questions, contact

Swamp Mountain Bike Club Inc. a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization is sponsoring a
single-prize chance drawing ("Raffle") intended to be conducted at our fundraising
events . For In Person entry into the Raffle, as described below, the Raffle will be
conducted during a specified and published time period at each event (the "In Person
Entry Period") beginning at the time listed on the event For Online Entry into the Raffle,
as described below, the Raffle will be conducted during a time period (the “Online Entry
Period”) beginning at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time (“ET”) on the date specified on event notices

The Raffle will be conducted, as follows:

TO ENTER: There are two methods of entering the Raffle, in person and online:
1. In Person: No purchase or contribution is necessary to enter or to win. To enter,
an eligible entrant may request and receive in person during the Entry Period

from a designated representative of Sponsor an official raffle ticket ("Ticket") for
the Raffle to be conducted at that particular event Each Ticket will bear a unique
identification number ("Ticket Number") and those numbers shall be used to
determine the winner of the Raffle. Tickets may be obtained at the Swamp hub
during the Entry Period. Swamp may also may elect from time to time to
designate other location(s) at which Tickets may be obtained [with such other
location(s), if any, where Tickets may be obtained during a particular Entry Period
2. Online: No purchase or contribution is necessary to enter or to win. A person
may obtain a Ticket by visiting  this page. DATA CHARGES MAY APPLY TO
enter, an eligible entrant must be present in the “Raffle Area” (as that term is
defined below) during the relevant Entry Period. The Raffle will be offered online
in the following geographical area: the State of Florida, (the “Raffle Area”). Online
entry is void outside the Raffle Area and where prohibited by law, rule, or

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